Kitchen Splashbacks

We supply and fit kitchen splashbacks that are measured, with sockets cut out and a wide range of colours (Pick any from a RAL chart)

Frameless Balustrade

We supply and install a range of toughened and laminated free standing glass ranging from 15 to 40mm thick

Shower Doors

Sliding shower doors were designed for full standing showers or bathtubs. System can accomodate a wide range of show designs with fixed glass panels on either side. We also provide floor to ceiling glass panels with sliding doors.

Bullet Resistance Glass

Bullet resistant glass provided 18-60 mm thick. Tested and certified.

Floor Glass

We can provide you with a complete system for your:

  • Walk on skylight

  • Interior glass floor

  • Terrace / Balcony

  • Stair landings

  • Stair treads

  • Catwalk / Bridge

  • Green roof skylight

Coloured Glass

We supply glass walls, counter tops, reception desks, bathroom glass sprayed to any RAL colour of your choice.

Shop Fronts

Frameless shopfronts are a popular choice as it opens up your premises and draws the customers in. We provide a full service from installation, necessary fixture and fittings and automated or self-closing doors made to order.

Toughened Laminated

Strength and Safety Glass available 12 to 41 mm thick. Toughened and Laminated glass is now being used ahead of toughened glass alone as not only odes it give you superior strength but also provides a safety guarantee that the glass will stay intact.

Fire Glass

We supply a wide range of fire resistant glass based on levels of integrity and insulation suitable for interior or exterior applications. It is important to know that the product specified and installed will perform as intended in a file to contain the spread. That's why here at J&K Glass Solutions we provide all our customers with a certificate of approval to meet all safety standard requirements, while our glass is etched or stamped with details. Classifications range from 30 minutes up to 3 hours.

Safety Glass

Laminated Safety Glass is made by bonding 2 or more panes of glass together. It is designed to remain intact or to break safely to reduce injury. The inter layers ensure the integrity of the glass by holding the broken pieces intact should damage occur. It is a high performance glass suitable for roofs, floors, canopies, doors and stairs.


We can custom make mirrors to any size. We will measure and cut and install to your specification. Be it interior design, hotel mirrors etc we can provide a unique selection of quality mirrors in all shapes and sizes, drilled bevelled, lettering or crystal cut all to your requirements. We also provide "spy" one-way mirrors.

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